What Would She Wear?

Many celebrities have a very distinct style. Here we have taken looks from the New York Pre-Fall 2018 shows and paired them with the perfect celebrity. 

Then vs Now: 90's

The 1990's were known for trends such as denim on denim, slip dresses, and grunge. Here are some Spring/Summer 18 looks that definitely used inspiration from the 90's. 

Then vs Now: 80's

The 1980's were bold and bright. Fishnets, shoulder pads and vibrant patterns were some of the iconic trends of the decade. Here are some Spring/Summer 18 looks that give off an 80's vibe.


The 1970's were a time of rich textures and bright colors. Shift dresses, flared jeans and bell sleeves were the epitome of the hippie decade. Here are some Spring/Summer 2018 looks that reflect the boho-esque trends of the 70's. 

Then vs now: 60's

The 60's were a time known for high waisted silhouettes, colorful prints, and breaking fashion traditions. Hemlines became shorter and women's clothing became less matronly. Here are some Spring/Summer 2018 looks that bring back the styles of the 60s.  

Then & Now: Spring/Summer 1998 v. 2018

These modern Spring/Summer 2018 looks show how designers have maintained their integrity throughout the years. In the past two decades, trends and styles have transformed, yet these collections show how they remain true to their aesthetic while adopting new design elements.

Fashion inspired by art

These Spring/Summer 2018 runway looks drew inspiration from works of art. Classic paintings from famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Jackson Pollock have been transformed into garments worn today.