Milan Fashion Week 2019: MENSWEAR vs WOMENswear silhouettes

comparisons from MILAN FASHION WEEK

Given that menswear elements are continuing to grace womenswear designs, we thought it would be visually interesting to highlight how they were reflected on the runways of Milan Fashion Week.

(Left to Right) Gucci, Max Mara, Alberta Ferretti, Fendi, Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani

Blazers and Jackets : This year, Milan’s top designers presented a slew of must have blazers and jackets. We love that these layering pieces are so versatile and that they can be styled in many different ways beyond the office. For those who prefer a stronger more masculine look we recommend sticking with darker colors and oversized silhouettes. And for those who prefer a softer more feminine look try brighter hues in fabrics that drape and move with you.

(Left to Right) Moschino, No.21, Alberta Ferretti, Gucci, Marni and Sportmax

Dresses and Skirts: The same can be said for skirts and dresses in regards to strong and masculine versus soft and feminine… Layering them with blazers and jackets is always a fashionable choice where you can manipulate the mood of your look through colors, shapes and textures.

(Left to Right) Tod’s, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta, Arthur Arbesser, Iceberg and No.21

Pants and Jumpsuits: It will be a sad day when jumpsuits are no longer in style so we are pleased that designers are still moving forward with these super comfortable and chic styles. Here, leather pants accentuate the strength of women, while, conversely, the softer materials highlight the beauty and softness of women.

London Fashion Week 2019: Style in our everyday wardrobe


London Fashion Week presented elegant styles that are wearable in your everyday wardrobe. Below are some highlights from Roland Mouret, Burberry and Vivienne Westwood.

These are our top picks from Roland Mouret’s collection. The dynamic patterns and colors of this ultrachic long coat will brighten up any look while adding an element of elegance from denim to evening wear. While Roland Mouret is finally delving into menswear (we’ve been waiting for this moment!) the black long coat is a great unisex addition to anyone’s closet, especially in this age of oversized man-tailored womenswear. Lastly, this stunning jacket will catch everyone’s eye. The beautifully classic combination of red and black coupled with impeccable draping never ceases to create a fresh look each season.

Burberry has always presented classically elegant designs in their collections and these two examples showcase the timeless and daily wearability of the brand. Their classic double breasted trench coat is a basic “must have” and is fresh season-after-season with cool design elements such as iridescent luxe fabrics. The incorporation of texturized pastel fabrics in an always sexy pencil skirt will light up any wardrobe.

Vivienne Westwood did not disappoint this season with staple pinstripes and plaid patterns adorning oversized and double breasted jackets as seen here. Not only do all of these elements work together to keep this brand on trend, they do so while maintaining a level of maturity and luxury - with a true Vivienne Westwood edge.

Pom Poms Still Trending

Did you ever think that pom poms would be back in style? Well they are definitely a huge trend right now. My favorite pom poms were the aqua pair I adorned my roller skates with way back when! You can find them almost anywhere, from shoes and purses to even phone cases and keychains. This versatile accessory allows people of all ages to play around with color and texture and can be found in both fast fashion as well as luxury brands. Check out some of my favorites for Summer 2018 below!

Styling Diana Taylor for the Met's 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination' 2018 theme

Once again I had the honor of styling the beautiful Diana Taylor for this year's Met gala. The theme for the costume exhibition was 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination'.

When curating Diana’s ensemble, I turned to her personal archives and opted for a Chado Ralph Rucci gown. To tie into the theme of the evening, I drew inspiration from symbolic undertones and bold religious statements by adding embellishments and layered textiles to the existing shawl and gown.

As in the past, I partnered with my go-to New York City designer, Carli Beardsley to transform Diana’s gown.  Together we sourced ribbons, skins and finally hardware to serve as a focal point.  Carli lined the shawl with ivory raw silk to create sturdiness for the multiple layers of 1930’s Parisian military ribbons and vintage jeweled button embellishments.

Diana opted for Milano’s Isabella del Bono’s yellow sapphire sun drop earrings and pyramid emerald cabochon ring, designer Nayibe’s chunky Morano glass ring with gold accents and Stephen Russell’s shimmering antique gold bracelet. Both Diana and the gorgeous jewelry did not go unnoticed!

To tie in the gold undertones within Diana’s ensemble, hair guru, Kristian Kanika brought my vision of a regal, yet edgy, updo to life by adding asymmetrically placed gold hoops into Diana’s braided chignon.

To top everything off, New York City makeup artist, Azra Red opted for a fresh dewy face, with peach undertones for eyeshadow, and a natural nude lip to accent the colors within Diana’s garments. 

Trending In Menswear

Ermenegildo Zegna, Vince, and Giorgio Armani are some of my goto menswear brands that are always current, yet still classic. Whether you are into fashion or just want to look good, here are a few trends to keep an eye on:  Plaids, vertical stripes, pastels, neutral tones, and technical jackets.  Click below to be redirected to their site.