Closet edit and wardrobe makeover:

A closet edit is the most comprehensive service you can book, as it allows us to understand your personality, style and future wardrobe needs. During the edit process we will review your entire wardrobe, including accessories, evening wear, footwear, jewelry and outerwear.


NO'S:  Eliminate items that never see the light of day.  They may be dated, worn-out or even new, with tags still on - we’ll decide together which to return/exchange, consign or donate to your charity of choice.

MAYBES:  Items that might be dated or ill fitted, but with a little love may be repurposed into something more modern that speaks to your individual style. This is where we can get creative and make something uniquely “new”.

KEEPS:  Items that you love, wear often, and like how comfortable they are.  We can build upon them by incorporating your new pieces into multiple looks during the Styling phase.



SHOPPING: We do the legwork as we cover an extensive network of retailers from fast fashion to luxury brands as well as designer showrooms to ensure a successful fitting.  There is no requirement to purchase anything and as a courtesy, we happily extend to you our exclusive stylist discounts.

FITTING:  We bring this experience to you wherever most convenient--whether that’s at home, your office, our showroom space or even your hotel. We will help guide you in your choice of items to keep so that together, with your existing wardrobe, you will have a comprehensive selection to style looks with.

TAILORING:  Your shape is as unique as you are which makes tailoring essential to building your successfully wearable wardrobe.  During your fitting all new items of interest, as well as the MAYBE'S from your Closet Edit, will be pinned and marked by one of our expert tailors.



CLOSET REBUILD:  Once your tailoring is complete we will return to reappoint your closets with matching hangers, closet accessories and storage systems.  Your complete wardrobe will be organized by style, color and season - with optimal accessibility for easy dressing.

WARDROBE STYLING:  Clients love these sessions as together we create fully accessorized looks from head to toe.  While styling your looks we will establish an effortlessly chic look that is individual to your style while ultimately meeting your wardrobe goals within your casual wear, office attire and beyond.

LOOK BOOK:  Scheduled around your availability, each look is photographed on you so that you learn as we go.  Or, each look can be photographed on a flat surface, or on a model matching your size and shape, all while you’re out and about.   No matter your preference, we will create a digital glossary of your fully accessorized looks with a written description for easy identification. 


  • Seasonal turnovers and storage solutions

  • Styling looks and packing for personal and business travel

  • Mini travel look books complete with weather conditions

  • Occasional styling: red carpet, family events, date night, photo styling

  • Maternity and postpartum wardrobe guidance and styling

  • Previews to sample sales and store sales