Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion week has come to an end and we've collected all of the common trends that ruled the runway. Here are the looks from Paris that incorporated similar components. 

LEATHER- Many designers used leather to create sleek looks and unique statement pieces such as a pencil skirt, jumpsuit, trench coat, lace up pants, and high-waisted shorts. 

LONG & FLOWY- These looks flowed down the runway. Designers used romantic silks and chiffons to create effortless fluid movement. 

RUFFLED TEXTURES- While tulle has been a prominent element during Fashion Week 2017, designers also used ruffles and textures to add voluminous dimension to their creations.

EXAGGERATED PANT SUITS- Here we see how designers transformed pant suits with exaggerated elements.  Akris used oversized appliqués, Alexander McQueen executed oversized shoulders, Givenchy showcased a cinched waist, Balmain incorporated bold and contrasting prints and John Galliano applied many different design aspects including pleats, ruffles, and a longline blazer. 

Paris Fashion Week Bling

Now that the dust has settled on that certain Paris heist, lets talk about the real bling seen on the runways -- metallic!  Seriously, who doesn’t like a bit (or a lot!) of sparkle to spice up their wardrobe?  Metallic adds dimension to every outfit and the best part is that it becomes the main focal point, and therefore, your key accessory as well.  The Paris runway shows were draped in metallic, here are my favorite looks...